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Eric Phillips is a Psychic Intuitive who is connected through the universal energy that we all connect through.  He is an ordained minister and named Spiritual Healer and Psychic Healer by the Universal Life Ministries.  Your life is connected to thousands of others who share in your dreams and inspirations.  The Law of Attraction says that energy attracts like-minded energy.  Imagine just how true this is as you direct your dominant thoughts toward what you want.  Without any extra effort, your desires would fall into place.  Your life should be easy and effortless.  You deserve to have abundance fill your life with riches and positive energy.  

Since his childhood, Eric Phillips has lived with empathic energy.  He picks up on people's feelings and strong emotions.  He is able to take the emotions and see the future.  He channels energy and connects to the spirit world on a regular basis.  Paranormal activity is all around us.  Eric Philliips attracts this energy.  He is connected to the living and to the exit strategies people use when they die.  He is gifted at helping people to pass into the light with greater understanding.  

Eric's gift was strengthened after he attempted to take his life. He passed to the other side and then returned with a clear purpose.  His passion and gift is to bring people into the universal awareness and to help people understand the universal laws that govern us on both sides.  As a medium, Eric has many spirit guides who offer great information which he then channels. 

Eric has many tools which are designed to deliver messages to people who look for assistance from universal life energy.  Everything is energy and that includes the spirits, ancestors and spirit guides.  He offers use the of crystals, card readings and other types of readings.  Energy can also be used with Reiki and sound therapy.  As a Minister of Psychic Healing with Universal Life Ministries he is a unique messenger of abundance.  Eric teaches these gifts in his workshops and passes the process of giving these gifts to all who are interested in connecting with their higher self.  


Some of these recorded statements were taken with Eric under his old company name. Eric's services are now more psychic and spiritual in nature.  His new company name is "Spiritual Insights."

Isabelle Palmer - California - Reiki

Kim Ho - California - Reiki

Brandon Moreno - Arizona - Professional Business

Nicki Hollenbeck - California - Health

Tiffany Stone - California - Health

Andrew Paris - California - Workshop Certified Graduate

Jerry Smith - Arizona - Professional Business

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You are such an Inspiration for who ever crosses your path. You always find the beauty in a person and offer such guidance to those in need. Your teachings and philosophy... have opened my eyes to see the many avenues in life there are for a person to Journey through.... Good Luck and See you soon My Friend... ~Mary Imagination

I recently attended Eric's webinar. It sounded very interesting, but I honestly had no idea of what to expect, or how what I would learn could help grow my business. What an AWESOME surprise! Eric taught me a lot about how we interact with each other, and how I can better interact with my customers. He also made me realize that there are no limits to what I can do. Business was good before, but now business is GREAT...and I'm having a freaking blast! Customers are lining up outside the door just to get in. I highly recommend Eric's services and products to anyone that wants to reach a higher potential! ~Chris Cook

Hey Eric. I just want to thank you about that webinar we had a while ago. The things you taught me really helped and I'm doing much better in school. I’m getting A’s and B’s Now instead of D’s and C’s. My focus has just improved so much and things are just a lot easier and I can learn it in a different way. The things I struggled with I'm improving on. Thank you again! ~Jake Bannister


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I am not a M.D., or Psychologist.  I am not licensed in the state of California and I am not in the health care profession . You should always seek advice from your health care provider.  I am a Spiritual Intuitive Guide and Master Success Coach. I am a Peace Minister ordained by Universal Life Church and a Master Psychic.  I have studied universally in all areas of the Spirit, Mind, and Body- Everything from Philosophy, Psychology, Theology, Nutrition, Overall Wellness, Fitness, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics etc... and have numerous Certifications to back that up along with my LIFE experience.  I started working in the Psychic Field that evolved into the Business, Metaphysical, Healing, and Wellness.  I offer services including Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Reiki and Energetic Spiritual Healing.  

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